Our History
Finding Tools that promote wellness and health since 1978

Noriko’s Natural House is a direct result of our dedication to finding great health products and specialty foods that promote wellness and healthy living!

Back in the 1970s, Noriko began a small importing business—shipping small, affordable household products and hair supplies overseas from Japan to Hawaii.

Having experienced a near-fatal illness as a child, Noriko also sought out health products to import that could supplement her diet. Cultivating a health-conscious lifestyle naturally led Noriko to encounter other like-minded individuals seeking natural and holistic alternatives that promote wellness.

It wasn’t long before friends and acquaintances alike sought her advice to aid them in their own search for such products.

As a result, Noriko’s passion for discovering health products grew over the years. She’s tried hundreds (maybe, even thousands!) of select items and specialty foods for herself and others.

Discovering specialty foods and healthy, natural supplements from Japan and the U.S. became the focus of Noriko’s work.

As a result of her growing customer base, Noriko decided to open Noriko’s Natural House in 1978 as a means to stay connected to her customers.

Finding Tools to Aid in Wellness is our Passion

We (Noriko & Family) are customers of our products first and foremost. More than 90% of items stocked on our shelves were brought to our attention by our customers or sought out for an ailing friend in need. We NEVER distribute or sell a product that has not been used by our family first. We offer products that are tried, true and healthy, too!

Finding tools to aid in wellness is our passion. There is always something new or different we are trying. Many of our items offered may be similar to one another, but only the most effective products that provide value stay. Thank you for visiting us! We hope that you will find the best products here to assist you in health!