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Healthy Ceramics X Negative Ions

Let’s jump right in to it.

The new arrival of ceramics ended up on the sidelined with the arrival of the Negative Ion Ceramics.  The imagination starts to run wild when you consider what the cup or dish is doing to your foods.  We learned that the H2O in your food has electrical charges and poles that are affected by the dishes we use; the Healthy Ceramics do not affect these charges.  Negative Ions are produced naturally by flowing water, plants and trees. We tested plants in the office and even dried sea kelp, both tested as producing negative ions.  The dish and cups brought this time produce hundreds of times more!

We have been slow to post stuff about negative ions because it is still relatively new to us.  But the addition of these cups (plates are sold out) will give us new motivation to incorporate them more in our daily lives.

We will keep you posted.

IMG_2685 IMG_2641

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