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Hi-Soy Milk PowderGenki Daizu 21 is a soy product for those of us that want the nutrition from soy milk but hate the taste.

Okay, okay.  Maybe that’s a bit harsh but how many of us really like the taste?  Genki Daizu 21 (we call it Hi-genki soy milk) is a soy powder that is made in Hokkaido, Japan from Non GMO soy beans sourced only in Hokkaido. In order to protect the “Made in Hokkaido” image and reputation, strict quality and production control is enforced by both the company and local governmental agencies.

The soy beans from Hokkaido are ground to a fine powder using their own unique method. Calcium is added to the product, which has all the benefits of soy beans like soy isoflavone. Soy isoflavone is a product that can help women reduce the effects of hot flashes.

While everyone will agree on what tastes good, we will say that the users of this Hi-Genki soy product swear by it’s most agreeable flavor.

OF COURSE, PLEASE PLEASE seek the advice of your doctor if you are allergic to soy or are suffering any illnesses.