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HI-GENKI means “Yes-Well!”

Hi-Genki translated can literally mean “Yes-Healthy” or “Yes-Well”. Hi-Genki is an enzyme food which is great in maintaining a healthy diet. It is plant-derived, fermented, and microbial-cultured. Brown rice, soy beans and calcium are the base ingredients of this fantastic product. Other additives include: spirulina, spirulina and reishi (ganoderma lucidum), or spirulina and glucan. Hi-Genki is available with spirulina (Hi-Genki Green) and in original (Hi-Genki Yellow).

Noriko’s grandkids all take Hi-Genki as part of their daily diet.  (This one may be for the “too much information” folder) A couple of them rely on Hi-Genki for the added benefit of keeping them “regular”, and the bag containing the Hi-Genki was forgotten at home for a “foodie” trip to the mainland….we wished that this product was more widely available.