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Kyou No Kouso – Daily Enzyme

4 Types of fermented extract mixtures made from carefully selected vegetables, fruits, herbs, seaweeds, roots and berries, ect…222 in all.                                                                               Each extract mixture is set and aged for 1-3 years.  When the mixtures are mature and perfect, they are put together to make this formula.

The power of fermentation: only a few drops of this mixture, encapsulated in vegetarian friendly gel caps is powerful enough.

Japan Clinic’s “KNK” Daily enzyme combines this, their proprietary blend with two other proprietary blends.  The two others are soy extract blends that bring bacillus subtillus and lactobacillales to the mix.

Benefits can include: Dietary support and detoxification, Immune system boost and support for digestive issues, Increased bowel movements and gut flora support.                                                         Skincare – Can support natural synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid.  Odor support – can reduce diet related odors.