Sakamoto Kurozu

Sakamoto Kurozu

Sakamoto Kurozu “Vinegar Goodness”
The health benefits of vinegar are widely recognized and prized by many cultures. Sakamoto Kurozu may very well be the ultimate in “vinegar goodness”.

Since the 1800’s the Sakamoto Family has been producing this artisan amber rice vinegar. The unique methods and technologies used in making this vinegar have been passed down and perfected over 5 generations.

Koji rice, steamed rice and water are the only ingredients used in producing this Kurozu Product. The 3 key ingredients are slowly fermented and aged for 1-3 years in handcrafted ceramic Satsuma jars. Microorganisms that live on the inner walls on these jars are part of the process and essential to producing this very special product.

Available in 360mL and 1000mL sizes.

Kurozu Vinegar (360mL)

Kurozu Vinegar 1000mL


Artisan Amber Rice Vinegar

The slow fermented and aged process gives this vinegar a slight sour punch expected of vinegar but with a smooth taste. If you like or can tolerate this sourness, you should definitely be drinking this healthy vinegar. Sakamoto Kurozu is a uniquely flavored brown rice vinegar, strong and complex. This is our longest-running product on our shelves and we are happy to recommend this natural and nutritious food to our customers.

Commonly consumed for, but not limited to:

  • Fatigue
  • Liver
  • Overall Wellness

Suggested Use:
Drink 2 ounces straight or diluted. Add water, lemon and honey for a health afternoon “pick-me up”.
You can also cook with it! It is, after all, a tasty vinegar!