Negative Ion Ceramics

Negative Ion Ceramics

Negative Ion Ceramics can increase your natural healing powers.
In the atmosphere, there are positive and negative ions that affect blood circulation and your nervous system. Positive ions negatively affect the body (i.e. hazardous gases, mobile phones and electronic devices). Negative ions affect the body positively; they can strengthen the immune system, and can enhance healing ability.

Negative ions can help to improve:

  • Help aches and pain
  • Help regulate autonomic nervous system
  • Stabilize heart rate
  • Combat predisposition to oxidation and improves blood circulation

Additionally, negative ions can have exceptional effects on:

  • Invigorating cellular functions
  • Preventing high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis
  • Boosting energy level

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Made in Japan, these negative ion products are made by mixing negative ion producing minerals into our line of healthy ceramics.  These powerful little medallions and bracelets produce large amounts of negative ions naturally and continuously for many years.  (So far, no loss or drop in ion production measured for over 5 years)


Mesa Pearl Bracelet
Negative Ion Bracelet
Negative Ion Ceramic
Negative Ion Product 4
Negative Ion Product 5