Nihon Shokuhin Miso

Nihon Shokuhin Miso

Soups are great additions to meals.  All natural, quick, and healthy.

Two flavors “Aka”(red) miso and “Shiro”(white) miso.  Both have dried green onions and generous bits of dried sea kelp in each serving.

Red – robust miso flavor, more bitter than white.  White – softer, less bitter, hint of sweet in the fragrance.

Our “go to” soups.  Just add packet content to about 6 ounces of hot water, let sit for a minute, stir and enjoy.

Makes a savory substitute for hot drinks in the office too.

One box makes 6 servings.
54 total grams of instant miso soup base.
(9 grams per packet)

Aka (red) Miso

Nihon Shokuhin (Shiro Miso)

Shiro (white) Miso