Hi-GENKI Root Kelp

Hi-GENKI Root Kelp


Not just kelp – root kelp Hi-Genki style.

Hi-Genki products are fantastic! This konbu or root kelp is some of the best we have found.

Most commonly used as a base for Asian style soups, broth, and sauces. Add a strip of the Hi-Genki root kelp to water and bring to a boil as a starter base and let simmer. The root kelp will expand and soften. The softened root kelp can be eaten. Cut in fine strips and add to salad or dip in a bit of soy sauce for a savory side dish.

We love to cut them in strips and chew on them like jerky for a savory snack with a hint of the sea.

Hi-Genki “Nekonbu” or, root kelp, contains the most flavor and nutrition within the root itself. Make sure you are buying root kelp when purchasing your kelp products. It’s a little bit more, but well worth it.